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Briefing & Stakeholder Engagement

The initial key step, and challenge, for any project is to accurately capture the critical requirements of all stakeholders and users to create a return brief that provides a strong platform from which the design can develop and flourish within the limitations of time and budget.

Stakeholder consultation and meaningful engagement is a core service and one of our strengths. We understand that every project, site and group of stakeholders is different and we listen and respond to their specific requirements. We do not come with pre-conceived ideas nor pre-determined solutions but let outcomes evolve from a consultative approach.

One of the benefits from the extensive experience we have in these building types is that we are able to hit the ground running when it comes to Stakeholder Briefing as we come with an elevated level of understanding and are not overawed with projects that have multiple stakeholders.

From Warrick’s extensive anthology of sports facility work, we have a multitude of benchmark examples for various training facility components and features that we use in the Briefing and early Design Phases to help inform and educate the stakeholders to the design possibilities – or constraints. With these examples we can foster deeper engagement and interaction from the Client allowing for better design outcomes.