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Value Management Input & Advice

Cost is a precious thing.

That may be an obvious statement but is often forgotten given the ‘scope creep’ that can come with an eager and enthusiastic client that wants to understandably squeeze in every feature - and perceived advantage - into their facility.

Also in this post-pandemic world with labour shortages, inflation and supply chain issues, achieving budget control has become an even more difficult task. As such Value Management is almost an inevitable part of the design process for any building project.

In his extensive career Warrick has developed a strong reputation for designing buildings that were both known for their design outcomes but also their value for money – exemplified in projects such as the GWS Giants Stadium and their WestconnexCentre training facility, GMHBA Stadium Stage 4, the Brisbane Broncos’ Clive Berghofer Centre and the recently completed Ikon Park redevelopment.

We embrace the challenge of finding cost efficiencies whilst maintaining the design outcomes – if not improving them - as was the case at the Hutchinson Builders Centre of Excellence (for the NQ Cowboys). These services can also assist with Contractors when tendering a project.