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CSA Hutchinsons Builders Centre of Excellence Project
CSA Hutchinsons Builders Centre of Excellence Project

Photos by Angus Martin Photography

Elite Training Facility

Hutchinsons Builders Centre of Excellence

NQ Cowboys HQ, NRL

In 2019, the NQ Cowboys approached Populous to provide an alternate design scheme for their proposed new HQ - separate to the one that had been taken to Development Application stage by another firm.

From this point to its completion in mid 2021 , Warrick led the Populous Team that designed the building which incorporates a full-sized training field , high-performance athletic training, wet recovery and rehabilitation areas as well as a small indoor field that will also be used for community use.

The resultant facility is a benchmark with the NRL in terms of state-of-the-art facilities and value for money outcome. It also has become a much cherished building within Townsville – helping to maintain the Cowboys strong reputation both on and off the field. Warrick was the Project Lead for Populous.




Project Lead